Our passive radiators offer a solution for small space and low tuned applications where a vented enclosure would be optimum, but where space does not allow for the use of a properly sized vent. If you want to tune an enclosure to less than 25hz, and are having a hard time finding a way to fit the correct port area and length, then a PR would be the perfect answer to your problem.

Passive radiators come standard with a rear mounted stud for mass adjustments, but can also be custom built with front mounted studs for applications where quick tuning changes are frequently needed.

All PSI radiators are built using the same high quality moving assembles that we use to assemble our subwoofers, and are available by custom order with any of our custom options, including colored parts, custom logo, optional dustcaps, and more.

 Standard features include:
12 spoke aluminum cast frame - Black
12" rubber mounting gasket
Rear mounted stud for weight adjustment
8" progressive roll poly-cotton spider
Kevlar impregnated pulp cone body
1.5" wide roll rubberized foam surround
6" polypropylene dome dustcap
PSI logo (Your choice of 8 colors)

12" PR
Sd - 490cm^2
Vas - 135l
Qms - 5.65
Xmax - 65mm
Fs - 25hz
Cms - .245 mm/N
Mms - 225g

Xmax = 32mm total
Usable Excursion = 3" total
Maximum moving mass = 2200 grams

 Product Dimensions:
Overall diameter - 12.5" w/ gasket
Cutout Diameter - 11.125"
Mounting Depth, including clearance for rear stud - 7"
Displacement in enclosure - .10 ft^3
Weight - 7 lbs

If you have any questions about the use of passive radiators, or need help setting up your installation using them, please contact us with your questions.

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Price: from $90.00

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