The Platform 3 series is a massive subwoofer, designed for massive amounts of output! The standard version of the Platform 3 is geared towards very loud, but still very musical systems. It is designed to deliver everything from low octave, window flexing bass to throat tickling upper range bass frequencies. These subs deliver very good sound at very high SPL levels!

Power Handling Ratings:
Standard RMS Power Handling - 2500 watts
Hi Performance RMS Power Handling - 3000 watts
Peak Power Handling - 6000 watts
SPL Burp Power - 8000

Standard features include:
Massive dual stacked 9" x 1" magnets
Chrome top and bottom plates
FEA optimized motor assembly
8 spoke aluminum cast frame - Black
Chrome push terminals or 8ga XP-Flex CCA Direct Connect Wiring
Extended length 83mm aluminum flatwound voice coil
Dual 1 and Dual 2 ohm standard impedances
Triple 8" progressive roll poly-cotton spiders
Dual sewn 3mm heavy duty leadwire
Kevlar impregnated pulp cone body
1.5" wide roll rubberized foam surround
6" carbon fiber dome dustcap
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Enclosure Recommendations:
Sealed - This model is not recommended for sealed enclosures.
Ported - 1.65-2.5 ft^3, tuned from 30-36hz
This subwoofer will also work well in some 6th order applications.  Please contact us before purchasing this product for these installations to make sure that the standard parts will be compatible with your enclosure.


T/S Parameters for standard Platform 3 12":
Revc = 1.5 or 3.0 ohms
Fms = 32.3 Hz
Qes = 0.28
Qms = 3.0
Qts = 0.27
Sd = 490cm^2
Vas = 40.1 L
BL = 21.5
Mms = 210.1 g
Sensitivity = 89.5 dB @1W/1m
Sensitivity = 90.4 dB @2.83Vrms/1m
Xmax = 60mm total
Usable excursion = 3" total

Product Dimensions:
Overall diameter - 12.5" w/ gasket
Cutout Diameter - 11.125"
Mounting Depth - 7.5"
Displacement in enclosure - .22 ft^3
Weight - 62 lbs

These subwoofers are fully upgradeable and can be custom built for almost any application type. If you would like to further customize this series of subwoofer, or need for it to work in an installation that does not fit the standard criteria listed above, please submit a Custom Subwoofer Request.

Product Options
Combination of product variants is not available

Price: from $425.00

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