Just a few feedback ….

-Thanks A Million!!! I am very pleased at how the sub turned out. Very fast repair and return shipping. Looks Great, Sounds amazing! I will definitely be doing more business with you guys! Thanks Again.

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Same subwoofers for 2013, but with higher performance!

In 2013, we will be offering the same quality products that we always have, but in even more ways than before. Since we had “room to grow” from our standard configurations for our subwoofers, we are able to offer simple upgrade packages for our subwoofers at a basically flat rate. We have now added performance upgrades for all three series of subwoofers to the web store. Now you can dial up the performance of your new subwoofer with one click, at a cost of only $25! Just add the “High Performance” option when checking out.

Here’s what all upgrades you’ll get:
Platform 1 Series – Extended length aluminum flatwound voice coil, Stiffer single spider suspension. RMS increase from 750w to 1000w RMS.

Platform 2 Series – Extended length aluminum flatwound voice coil, Stiffer DUAL spider suspension, DUAL sewn heavy gauge leadwire. RMS increase from 1500w to 1800w RMS.

Platform 3 Series – Extended length aluminum flatwound voice coil, Stiffer QUAD spider suspension, TRIPLE Sewn leadwire. RMS increase from 2500w to 3000w RMS.

PSI is now using XS Power, XP-Flex CCA and XS-Flex OFC Copper cable for our direct connect wiring!

We are very pleased to announce the change to XS Power Cables. As of 12/23/12, we have already begun to use both cables for our direct connect wiring and are EXTREMELY pleased.

Compared to the last “8ga” cable that we were using, both XS Power cables draw solder in more quickly and evenly and both have much more wire within the jacket.

We are offering 8ga XP-Flex direct connect wiring as a standard item on Platform 2 and 3 series subwoofers, and as an upgrade for the Platform 1 series. XS-Flex, 100% OFC Copper cable is available as an upgrade for all subwoofers.