We offer the most popular build configurations for our subwoofers for sale here on our web store. These subwoofers have been designed to work in installations where the user already has the knowledge of the type and size of subwoofer they will need. Pre-designed subwoofers are offered for sealed and ported applications from 500 watts rms up to 4500 watts rms.

We have pre-designed subwoofers ranging from budget friendly, yet very high quality subwoofers, up to glass-breaking monsters!

Our subwoofers are available in 10-18″ sizes and are available with optional add-on’s like direct connect leadwires, and our very popular carbon fiber dustcaps!

With each pre-designed subwoofer, there will be a set of installation guidelines along with it. If all of the supplied data corresponds with your application, the subwoofer will work well for you, and there is no need to submit a design request (unless you just want to).

If our pre-designed subwoofers do not meet your installation goals perfectly, we recommend that you order a custom built subwoofer instead. Other than any additional parts costs, we do not charge any additional fees to custom build subwoofers to fit your application.

  • BASS-line Series

    BASS-line Series

    The BASS-line series is our idea of an entry level subwoofer. These minimalistic subwoofers are built with the same high-grade components that our larger Platform series subwoofers use, but have been stripped down to leave only the essential core components. These subwoofers offer huge output and unexpectedly superb sound quality. For low power applications or limited budgets, these subwoofers will not be beaten.
  • PSI-8


    This was designed to be the best all-around 8" subwoofer possible. The PSI-8 offers exceptional low end output, high power handling, and outstanding sound quality. This series of subwoofer boasts a full 1" of xmax in each direction! If you are looking for the last 8" subwoofer that you'll ever need to buy, this could be it!
  • Platform 1 Series

    Platform 1 Series

    Platform 1 series subwoofers are available rated for 750-1000 watts rms power handling and are hand built in the USA with high quality 3″ dual voice coils, stitched heavy gauge leadwires, push terminals or direct connect leads, and our heavy duty cone. These are fully upgradeable and can be custom built for any application. Platform 1 series subwoofers offer outstanding performance at an extreme value.
  • Platform 2 Series

    Platform 2 Series

    Our most versatile subwoofer! The Platform 2 excels in “SQL” applications, where output and sound quality are equally as important. Offered with ratings from 1200-1800 watts rms, the Platform 2 is an excellent choice for all applications, ranging from strict sound quality to daily SPL cruising.
  • Platform 3 Series

    Platform 3 Series

    This subwoofer is an all-out brute! It is designed to give incredible output, and unlike other subwoofers in it’s class, still sound fantastic while in the process. This is our best all around performer, with power handling capabilities at up to 3000 watts rms, but still affordable enough for daily driver system. This series is now offered with heavy duty flatwound extended voice coils, multiple spiders, multiple stitched leadwires, terminals or 8ga direct connect wiring, and a carbon fiber dustcap all available as standard parts.
  • Platform 4 Series

    Platform 4 Series

    The Platform 4 series is a subwoofer that has been designed to deliver the ultimate in daily driving performance. The subwoofer boasts a huge 10″ diameter triple stacked magnet, 10″ diameter linear roll spiders, our huge tall roll high excursion surround, and our largest 3″ voice coil ever! These subwoofers are capable of incredibly high excursion, hair blowing low-frequency output and incredible accuracy. The subwoofers combine huge magnet strength, big xmax, high power handling, and PSI build quality to offer the ultimate high-end SQ subwoofer.
  • Platform 5 Series

    Platform 5 Series

    The Platform 5 series is a huge subwoofer that should only be used by the serious competitor or enthusiast. This subwoofer is capable of extreme power handling and more output than any other subwoofer that we have ever offered. The Platform 5 is a 100 lb. behemoth built with enormous 11″ diameter triple stacked magnets and is the only subwoofer that we offer with a 4″ diameter voice coil. This subwoofer was designed to be the biggest, strongest, loudest subwoofer that we could deliver. It uses the strongest possible magnet grade and an enormous 8 layer voice coil to create an incredibly strong magnetic force capable of moving the extremely stiff suspension to huge excursion and output levels.