18″ High Excursion Passive Radiator


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Our passive radiators offer a solution for small space and low tuned applications where a ported (vented) enclosure would be optimum, but where space does not allow for the use of a properly sized port opening or port length. Our radiators offer the user the ability to tune their enclosure lower than conventional ported enclosures normally allow for, in less space.

To say it simply, A passive radiator takes the place of a port when there’s not enough room for one. If available space is lacking, but you are not willing to give up output or sound quality, a passive radiator may be the perfect option.

Our new high excursion PR now offers even more excursion capability, meaning more output in the same amount of space. These new PR’s are are built utilizing a large spider diameter, our new tall roll surround, and high clearance frame. This combination allows for more movement from the passive radiator without mechanical noise or failure. When running subwoofers that are capable of extreme excursion levels, it only makes sense to use passive radiators that can keep up.

Standard version features include:
18″ 6 Spoke high excursion aluminum cast frame – Black
18″ rubber mounting gasket
Rear mounted stud for weight adjustment
10″ progressive roll poly-cotton spider
Kevlar impregnated pulp cone body
1.5″ tall roll rubberized foam surround


 They are manufactured to the strictest standard, and guaranteed to last.
Hand built in the USA!

 T/S Parameters for 18″ High Excursion Passive Radiator:
Fs = 17.5 Hz
Qms = 5.65
Sd = 1230cm^2
Vas = 659 L
Mms = 420 g
Cms = .245 mm/N
Xmax = 80mm total
Usable excursion = 3.75″ total
Maximum moving mass = 3000 grams

Enclosure Recommendations:
Passive radiators are recommended to be used as a replacement for a port. You should generally use about the same or slightly less enclosure volume with a PR that you would with a port. PR’s can be used to achieve a low tuning in a moderate or small sized enclosure by adding weight to the rear. The more weight that you add, the lower tuning that you’ll achieve.

The only limitation will be the upper tuning frequency. Depending on the size of the PR and the internal volume of the enclosure, there will be a maximum tuning frequency limit. For help with this, please contact us directly.

If you would like to customize this radiator with performance or cosmetic options that are not available in our online store, please submit a
Custom Subwoofer Request.

Physical Specifications for 18″ High Excursion Passive Radiator:
Rated Diameter 18″ / 460 mm
Overall Diameter 18.5″ / 470 mm
Bolt Hole Circle 17.375″” / 441mm
Cutout Diameter 16.75″ / 425mm
Mounting Depth 7.0″ / 178 mm
Rear Stud Clearance* 8.0″ / 203 mm
Displacement 0.16 ft.³ / 4.53 L
Shipping Weight 13 lb / 5.89 kg

*The rear stud of the PR is left long, to make it easier to add additional weight to the radiator. The rear stud will travel beyond the rear edge of the frame during normal operation. If a shallow mounting depth is needed, this stud can be trimmed shorter. Trimming the rear stud can allow for the PR to be installed at the mounting depth of the frame only, without any additional clearance needed.

trPolypropylene Dome (Small) trCarbon Fiber Dome (Small)


Products manufactured by PSI are covered by a 1 year warranty.

• Our warranty covers all workmanship and materials on any defective items.
• Defective items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of PSI Car Audio.
• Return freight costs shall be paid by the customer.
• The warranty does not cover burnt voice coils, customer abuse, improper installations, accidental damage, or any custom modifications.
• Any warranty repairs must the authorized via the Warranty Request Form.

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