The size, shape, and material that the spider is made out of  have a big impact on the way that your subwoofer will perform.

Our subwoofers are built using extremely durable spiders that are created from our own custom spider shape molds, and made with a finely tuned combination of material and resin treatment. Years of experience and testing have gone into the spiders that we now use on our products. These materials have been proven to provide years of consistent performance, even in the most demanding applications..

The Platform 1, Platform 2, and Platform 3 series are built with 8″ diameter long throw progressive roll spiders. The Platform 4 and 5 series are built with oversized 10″ diameter spiders for extreme excursion capabilities, in the Platform 4 up to 4″ peak to peak excursion.

We offer custom spider configurations, varying the compliance of the subwoofer to better fit your installation. Our High Performance option will slightly stiffen the suspension (spiders) of the subwoofer.


Here are quick links to some of our different options when building a subwoofer.
Platform Motor Assemblies
Voice Coils
Color Coating
Custom Logos

Please keep in mind that we do NOT expect you to design your own subwoofer! The pages in our custom subwoofer choices menu are only to inform you about the broad range of applications and installations that we can produce products for. All that you need to do to get a custom subwoofer built is to answer a few questions HERE.