Platform 5 Series

The Platform 5 series is a huge subwoofer that should only be used by the serious competitor or enthusiast. This subwoofer is capable of extreme power handling and more output than any other subwoofer that we have ever offered. The Platform 5 is a 100 lb. behemoth built with enormous 11″ diameter triple stacked magnets and is the only subwoofer that we offer with a 4″ diameter voice coil. This subwoofer was designed to be the biggest, strongest, loudest subwoofer that we could deliver. It uses the strongest possible magnet grade and an enormous 8 layer voice coil to create an incredibly strong magnetic force capable of moving the extremely stiff suspension to huge excursion and output levels.

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  • 12″ Platform 5


  • 15″ Platform 5

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  • 18″ Platform 5