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All PSI Car Audio brand subwoofers are manufactured with very high quality, US made voice coils. Our voice coils are wound on thick, strong aluminum formers with high temp adhesives and only the best quality wire.

We offer many different voice coil options for our subwoofers. When given a specific application to build towards, we can pick from these options to provide you with the very best coil for YOUR particular application. In some instances, using a smaller, thinner, or shorter voice coil can benefit the end results more than just slapping in the largest thing you can get.

Pictured from left to right are the standard series coils available for use in any of  our motor assemblies.

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On the far left – our standard length 4 layer aluminum roundwire voice coil
Second from the left – Our extended length 4 layer aluminum voice coil
Middle – Our standard length 4 layer aluminum flatwound voice coil
Second from the right – Our standard length 8 layer aluminum flatwound voice coil
On the far right – Our extended length 8 layer aluminum voice coil

 We offer voice coils in many different impedances. We do have more voice coils than what you see pictured here, and dependant upon the application, other coils may be used to get the proper end result. If you need a very specific impedance, ask us.


Here are quick links to some of our different options when building a subwoofer.
Platform Motor Assemblies
Voice Coils
Color Coating
Custom Logos

Please keep in mind that we do NOT expect you to design your own subwoofer! The pages in our custom subwoofer choices menu are only to inform you about the broad range of applications and installations that we can produce products for. All that you need to do to get a custom subwoofer built is to answer a few questions HERE.