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Platform 1 series subwoofers are available rated for 750 -1000 watts rms power handling and are hand built in the USA with high quality 3″ dual voice coils, stitched heavy gauge leadwires, push terminals or direct connect leads, and our heavy duty cone.

These high-end, low-cost subwoofers are assembled to very strict quality control standards, using the same high quality parts that we would use to assemble much more expensive units. These subwoofers deliver incredible sound quality and output for a fraction of the average price.

In terms of output, reliability, and quality, the Platform 1 series could be compared to subwoofers in a much higher price range. They offer top quality components, adhesives, and assembly. This series sells at roughly the same cost as many imported, low quality subwoofers with weaker, smaller internal parts. Do not be misled by the price; the Platform 1 series subwoofers offer outstanding performance at an extreme value.

Power Handling Ratings:
Standard RMS Power Handling – 750 watts
W/ Optional High Performance Addition- 1000 watts
Peak Power Handling – 1500 watts
SPL Burp Power – 2000 watts

Standard version features include:
Dual stacked 6.3″ x 1″ Y35 ceramic slugs
Chrome top and bottom plates
FEA optimized motor assembly
12 spoke aluminum cast frame – Black
Chrome push terminals or 8ga XP-Flex CCA direct connect
Standard length 4 layer aluminum roundwire voice coil
Dual 1 and Dual 2 ohm standard impedances
  Single 8″ progressive roll poly-cotton spiders
Sewn 3mm heavy duty leadwire
Kevlar impregnated pulp cone body
1.5″ wide roll rubberized foam surround

 They are manufactured to the strictest standard, and guaranteed to last.
Hand built in the USA!


Our subwoofers are available in two different  performance configurations, Standard and High Performance. The High Performance option will modify the parts used to build the subwoofer to increase the overall power handling and output capability.

The following upgrades would be  applied to the subwoofer if the High Performance option is selected:
Power handling increase from 600 Watts to 1000 Watts RMS
Stiffer single spider suspension
Extended length aluminum flatwound voice coil


 T/S Parameters for Platform 1 15″:
Revc = 3.90 ohms
Fs = 25.99 Hz
Zmax = 35.07
Qes = 0.83
Qms = 6.56
Qts = 0.73
Le = 3.14 mH
Sd = 830 cm^2
Vas = 4.04 ft^3 / 114.46 L
BL = 15.77
Mms = 320.83 g
Cms = 116.90
Sensitivity = 85.6 dB @1W/1m
Sensitivity = 88.7 dB @2.83Vrms/1m
Xmax = 56mm total
Usable excursion = 3.0″ total

Enclosure Recommendations:
Sealed – 1.75-3.5 ft^3
Ported – 3.5-5.5 ft^3

This product may also be used in Bandpass applications. Please contact us before purchasing this product for these installations to make sure that the standard parts will be compatible with your enclosure.

If you would like to customize this series of subwoofer with performance or cosmetic options that are not available in our online store, please submit a
Custom Subwoofer Request.


Physical Specifications for Platform 1 15″:
Rated Diameter 15″ / 380 mm
Overall Diameter 15.5″ / 394 mm
Bolt Hole Circle 14.625″ / 371.5 mm
Cutout Diameter 14.125″ / 358 mm
Mounting Depth 7.75″ / 197 mm
Magnet Diameter 6.3″ / 160 mm
Driver Displacement 0.14 ft.³ / 3.96 L
Shipping Weight 36 lb / 16.32 kg


Polypropylene Dome (Small)

Carbon Fiber Dome (Small)

Full Cone Cover (Small)

We offer connections to the subwoofer either via spring loaded terminals or direct connect wiring.

Push Terminals are chrome plated, and are marked with a red and black colors to designate the positive and negative terminals. They offer the simplest installation and provide a nice secure connection.

Standard Push Terminals are made to accept a single 8ga wire and use a tab soldered directly to the push pin, to which the leadwires from the voice coil are soldered.

LARGE Push Terminals are made to accept a single 4ga or dual 8ga wires and use a heavy duty, extra-thick tab bolted to the push pin, to which the leadwires from the voice coil are soldered. large-terminals

Direct Connect wiring offers the very best connection directly from your amplifiers output wiring to the voice coil of your subwoofer. Our direct connect wiring is securely attached to our interwoven braided lead wire via high temperature solder, then covered with heavy duty heat shrink. You can make your connection to the wiring via the twist and tape method, large wire nuts, crimp connectors, or solder.


XS-Flex is the best of the best! A 100% Pure Oxygen Free Tinned Copper wire, with 735 Strand Count and Soft Touch PVC Casing. XS Flex Cable is True AWG cable. The high strand count and soft touch cable jacket allows the wire to be super flexible and easy to use in any installation. XS-Flex is available in BLUE and CLEAR.

XP Flex Cable is also a True AWG cable. It is made up of 10% Oxygen Free Copper(OFC) 90% Copper Clad Aluminum(CCA), with  735 Strand Count and Soft Touch PVC Casing. XP-Flex is available in BLUE, RED and BLACK.

PSI Flex Cable is made to the same exact standards as XP Flex, but is available in PINK only.


Products manufactured by PSI are covered by a 1 year warranty.

• Our warranty covers all workmanship and materials on any defective items.
• Defective items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of PSI Car Audio.
• Return freight costs shall be paid by the customer.
• The warranty does not cover burnt voice coils, customer abuse, improper installations, accidental damage, or any custom modifications.
• Any warranty repairs must the authorized via the Warranty Request Form.

custom subwoofers

If our standard or high-performance options don’t suit your installation needs, feel free to send us a custom subwoofer request. This form will allow you to submit all of your install specifics to us. You can also include any special requests for colors, custom logos, or other options.

Your email address? Please double check it for accuracy.

Your full name?

What is your phone number?

How many subwoofers do you need?

What size do they need to be?

How much power does EACH subwoofer need to handle? (RMS power)

What impedance will you need (Per voice coil)?

The brand AND model of amplifier you'll use with it?

The type of enclosure that it needs to work in? (Sealed, ported? Tuning Frequency?)

The type of music that you'll listen to with it?

Will you be competing with it, or is it a daily usage subwoofer?

Is it for competitions only?

Would you like any special colors? If so, where?

Upgrades of any sort? Direct leads, carbon fiber dustcap, etc?

What is your budget for these products?

Where are you located? ZIP CODE PLEASE

Do not use this form for recones for other brands of subwoofers.

If you have any photo examples to include with your submission, please upload them here.

Any other special instructions or requests?

Type those letters into this box. 🙂

Please double check your email address before sending the request. We get many requests from people who supply a misspelled email address from we cannot contact. If you do not supply the correct email address, we can't get in touch with you.

Please make sure that you add info@PSICarAudio.com to your safe senders list.

2 reviews for 15″ Platform 1

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vincent Parsons (verified owner)

    I did lotts of looking before settling on the platform 1 15s. I got 2 of them and loved them so I got 2 more and walled off my car. They are great!!!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Charles rickard (verified owner)

    my brother has one in his car. best quality I have seen so far. daily driver daily beat. no heat, no issues. definitely a great sub

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